JTP by The Wands

Paul’s Fool

Ace of Wands:
Lightning sent with heaven’s arcing
scorches loins and sounds the thunder
shaking loose the long inaction
putting heat to tool and sinew
pouring life upon the sand

Two of Wands:
Splits itself in two directions
Meets itself in whirling vortex
Seeking purpose in the moving
Casts the eyes upon horizons
Filled with possible intending.

Three of Wands:
Takes direction, ceases turning
Casting bread upon the waters
Moves ahead with eager promise
Acting on decisions making
Taking steps to feed the wanting.

Four of Wands:
Seeing the results of doing
Motion caught in stilled reflection
Watching as the ripples widen
Ready for the next outgoing
Joyful time within the moment.

Five of Wands:
Ways for moving on find blocking
Crowding on the path needs clearing
Obstacles engage the action
Building strength on challenge offered
Meets and counters all oncoming.

Six of Wands:
Sees the open path before it
Takes the steps with easy pleasure
Finds the others moving with him
Common action builds momentum
For achieving treasured goals

Seven of Wands:
Seeks to know another action
Taking ways unknown, untested
Moves beyond familiar comfort
Tastes the wine of daring’s pleasure
Harking to the distant drummer

Eight of Wands:
Structured energy rewards
New ways build through repetition
Center forms a sturdy core
To temper burning passion
Molding fire into fuel

Nine of Wands:
Focused aim comes from growing
Earned by nature’s yearning struggle
Girded with the strength of trials
Treasures the steady pulse of power
Moving towards the final goal

Ten of Wands:
Forward motion sealed in union
Story done, the task complete
Fully formed, energies settle

Inhale – take in, absorb, withdraw

Pause – choice, decision, the 0 potential of nothingness

Exhale- let out, release, explode
Quiescent till a transformation
Whips the winds of change again