JTP by The Swords

Paul’s Fool

Ace of Swords:
Gathers first the gasp of breathing
hears the ceaseless thought of being
stretched and straining for a wisdom
shackled by the vast unknowing
struggles still to own its meaning

Two of Swords:
Holds within itself the challenge
Thought that contradicts the maker
Arguing its own creation
Standing motionless in battle
Blind to all that goes without.

Three of Swords:
Breaking down the this or thatness
Forging something new from pieces
Leaves behind the warring factions
Aims to find a new hereafter
Built on shattered lessons learning.

Four of Swords:
Comes upon a settled landscape
Mind in synchronized attention
Neatly fitting thoughts in crannies
Each to suited space provided
Resting in the quiet wholeness.

Five of Swords:
Struggle to retain the theorem
Argument surrounds the thinking
What was once in place is threatened
New ideas invade the mindframe
Shaking girders, loosing rafters.

Six of Swords:
Seeks release from inner stressing
Sorting through the memories garden
Taking time for paths that wander
Curious in the exploration
Planting seeds for further growing.

Seven of Swords:
Steps beyond the self-made boundaries
Slicing through to other thinking
Seeks another way of knowing
Questions all that comes before it
Grows new images to savor

Eight of Swords:
Choosing from the wealth of notion
Forms a catacomb of being
Orders shapeless notes of thinking
Into ways of rhythmic custom
Round the inner blooming lotus

Nine of Swords:
All pieces of the puzzle present
Lacking only final form
Seeks conclusion, waits the answer
Teased by hints that tempt the thinking
Struggles for the mental framing

Ten of Swords:
Kissing cross points come together
Sealed within completed reason
Tell the story through to ending
While without new concepts blossom
Pointing off to other searching

Inhale – take in, absorb, withdraw

Pause – choice, decision, the 0 potential of nothingness

Exhale- let out, release, explode