JTP by The Coins

Paul's Fool
Paul’s Fool

Ace of Coins:
All about surrenders manna
bringing forth earth’s varied blessing
teasing with the stuff of making
shaping matters bud of being
offers up the working hand

Two of Coins:
Spins and twists the fertile matter
Testing what the spirit calls to
Searching choices, changes, chances
Knows the blooming deep within
Holds the power of the making.

Three of Coins:
Putting matter into motion
Molds the stuff to patterns planning
Feels the substance in the forming
Tosses up a  new creation
Being how the world is made

Four of Coins:
So the thing itself before us
Warms us as we take possession
Satisfaction in the making
Storing resource for the future
Equal to the need demanded.

Five of Coins:
From the center comes the breaking
Nothing holds to former station
Losses separate resources
Tear apart the old foundation
Solo run the shattered pieces

Six of Coins:
Others come to aid the working
Vistas broaden, boundaries lengthen
New ways feed the aging footings
Adding richness to the mixture
Raising custom to brave levels

Seven of Coins:
Breaking out of old traditions
Seeks a different way of doing
Searches for an unknown substance
Flowering from exotic birthing
Leads the way to newer climes

Eight of Coins:
Comes the time for formulation
Coding out a way of conduct
Making a way for matters use
Sturdy, framed and undivided
Builds a whole from scattered parts

Nine of Coins:
All that’s wanted is at hand now
Flowering lush around the center
Holding place in confirmation
Plenty is the state of being
Yet to see what fruit is born

Ten of Coins:
Completion brings its own successes
Gladness grows in efforts crowning
All is done, the work is finished
Fullness brings an overflowing
From center seed comes new beginning.

Inhale – take in, absorb, withdraw

Pause – choice, decision, the 0 potential of nothingness

Exhale- let out, release, explode