JTP by The Cups

Paul’s Fool

Ace of Cups:
Surging currents of the sea womb
swirl the ancient silent canyons
stirring seeds that carry passion
waking, conscious, wanting, dreaming
undeciphered pulsing rhythm

Two of Cups:
Knows a wrenching separation
Feels the empty space of longing
Reaches out to make reunion
Finds itself within the other
Reaching for the same communion.

Three of Cups:
Celebrates the gift of harvest
Fruit of womb life’s fragrant blossom
Finds in joining increased measure
Gathering up creative working
Shares the joy of happy union.

Four of Cups:
Solid as the day is long now
Friends and lovers tied together
Settle into daily rhythm
Comfort in the trusted sameness
Lightly carry bonds of knowing.

Five of Cups:
Growing from within come fractures
Distance from the fading closeness
Outside forces widen spaces
Shifting sands revise the landscape
Playing on the unpredicted.

Six of Cups:
Reaching out to find communion
Embraces more than held before
Warmth of others finds a welcome
Comes to know a wide belonging
Opens to a new receiving

Seven of Cups:
Lets the fancy wander widely
Revels in imagination
Many dreams to stir the heartbeat
Choosing one for center stage
Falters in the contemplation

Eight of Cups:
From the central heart of passion
Blended with the spirit’s moving
Grows a framework that encircles,
Guides and colors while describing
Being in the world with others

Nine of Cups:
Love grows forth from many sources
Wishes granted come together
Much is given, little asked for
All is present, no tomorrow
Threatened surfeit quiets wanting

Ten of Cups:
Heart’s deep longing finds fulfillment
All the hungers satisfied
From the mighty chalice fashioned
By the balm of given grace
Blooms the rose of future seeding

Inhale – take in, absorb, withdraw

Pause – choice, decision, the 0 potential of nothingness

Exhale- let out, release, explode